Tegaderm – A Wound Care Specialist

Tegaderm – A Wound Care Specialist

He tegaderm dressing ‘s been around for quite a while now and isn’t a recently available invention in wound administration. However, it is one of the most effective dressings obtainable and provides multiple advantages over regular dry dressings.

1. Produces a barrier to external contamination 2. Reduces water vapor reduction from exposed tissue 3. Offers a moist environment to the wound surface area 4. Can be found in multiple sizes and shapes

Due to these characteristics the tegaderm dressing prevents formation of scab and enhances regeneration of the epiderm.

It must be noted here that gradually, sterile natural cotton dressings are likely to phase out and you will be replaced by dressings such as for example tegaderm that are multi functional.

The product manufacturers declare that tegaderm isn’t just a dressing, top features of the tegaderm include:

1. multi-functional (offers a barrier, locks wetness etc) 2. sterile 3. waterproof 4. includes a breathable barrier

Tegaderm has multiple uses aswell. Though it is primarily found in wound care, it is also used to safeguard surgical sites also to a niche site for intravenous injection

The Tegaderm dressing may be used for:

1. minor burns 2. pressure areas 3. donor sites 4. post-operative wounds 5. abrasions 6. lacerations 7. skin breakdown due to friction or contact with moisture 8. preserve peripheral and central IV catheters

As the dressing is transparent, you can easily monitor the website of the wound for infection, leakage or wrong keeping a catheter.

Another very big benefit of this dressing is that it’s “breathable”. The tegaderm is constructed of multiple layers of the breathable materials. This prevents your skin from “suffocating” but alternatively also protects the wound site from notorious germs such as for example bacteria and other international contaminants, which can cause an undesired complication. Problems such as for example an infection can raise the healing amount of a wound and will also increase the discomfort at the wound site.

As stated, wound care administration is manufactured easier by the tegaderm dressing since it is transparent. That is why the tegaderm dressing can be used for extended administration of wounds.

When applied correctly the tegaderm dressing is totally waterproof. Getting waterproof it lets sufferers using it, bathe or have a shower without fretting about drinking water entering the wound.

The very best environment for using the tegaderm dressing is back again country wound management. The reason being comprehensive missions need that one dressing can be used, which allows visible study of the wound.