Oyster And Pearl Intensive Infant Care

Oyster And Pearl Intensive Infant Care

Though the health care and facilities reach new heights, pediatric surgery has generally posed challenges to doctors. Oyster & Pearl medical center has adopted this challenge in the

section of Pediatrics to supply enhanced Newborn Intensive Treatment.

In the entire year September 2008, Oyster & Pearl hospital for Women and Children had become. This brain kid of Dr. Avinash Phadnis and Dr.Amita Phadnis was created out of Shree Clinic. Other specialties were steadily started by the finish of year 2009. The brand new departments of Urology and Nephrology had been introduced by the entire year 2010. Down the road in December 2010 a fresh healthcare service Oyster & Pearl Tulip which specific in Women and Kids care was set up at Senapati Bapat Street.

Situated in Pune, Oyster & Pearl provides health care services in departments like Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Breast Treatment, Plastic and PLASTIC SURGERY, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Urology, Nephrology and more.

Pediatric Surgery involves surgery in fetuses, infants, children, adolescents and adults. Kids from birth to 17 years arrive under this category. As Pediatric research advanced, it had been realized that medical requirements of newborns and infants had been very different.

Compared to adults the immunity in kids is low making them susceptible to contract infections. Physically petite, children engaging in surgery need smaller equipment compared to adults. Response and response to remedies in kids was also discovered to vary. Thus Pediatric surgery had become to supply them with quicker and better treatment and treatments. Hospitals focused on women and kids started gaining importance.

The Pediatrics section of Oyster & Pearl is utilizing advanced technology and newer ways to deal with the challenges in pediatric surgery. The most recent techniques are accustomed to deal with birth defects like endotracheal problems in infants by medical procedures which usually went untreated earlier. It has led to an extremely low death count of infants because of congenital malformations during birth.

The efficient team of Pediatric surgeons at Oyster & Pearl specializes is various surgeries like:

Lead simply by Dr. Dasmit Singh, a favorite Pediatric surgeon this group is taking on challenges every time in neuro-scientific pediatric the state-of-art services, 12 beds Neonatal ICU and 4 bed Pediatric ICU we are focused on provide at any hour service to sufferers all under one roofing. The Pediatric ICU using its advanced monitoring technology cares for kids with trauma and burns and infectious disease and procedure in ENT, Hemato-Oncology, Hepatology and Neurology.

The NICU has Giraffe (highly sophisticated incubator plus warmer), Bili-blanket phototherapy system for jaundice, Bear 750 PSV ventilators, Bubble CPAP and Lightweight Echo and Ultrasound.

A healthcare facility also runs a four bed, level 2 neonatal ICU at Dalvi Medical center free of cost.