Duoderm For Effective Wound Management

Duoderm For Effective Wound Management

Knowing about correct wound care and administration is very good for everyday lifestyle. Wound healing can be a complex process that involves multiple phases. The initial phase is irritation which starts during damage and continues for five days. From then on, proliferative stage begins which include granulation, contraction and epithelialization and it lasts up to three weeks. Unlike wound management process of days gone by, which stressed on keeping wounds dried out by departing them open and subjected to air, research during the past few decades shows a moist environment around a wound is most beneficial for quick curing and reduced attacks. A moist environment promotes the forming of new epidermis cells (epithelial cells) that protect the region uncovered by the wound. There exists a wide selection of wound dressings and bandages. Among these, Duoderm dressing is known as to be among the best for effective wound treatment and management of dried out wounds.

Duoderm is a hydrocolloid dressing which absorbs liquid from the wound and forms a gel. This gel will keep the wound region moist. It is mainly used for smaller sized wounds like lacerations, cuts, bed sores and burns. Once applied, it could be still left on the wound for seven days that makes it very practical for the patient.

Burns could be difficult to deal with because of the propensity for developing attacks from the damaged epidermis. Duoderm dressing is quite effective for burns since it seals the wound region and prevents attacks through the broken and broken skin. Furthermore to stopping contamination in the wounded region, in addition, it helps in skin fix. It creates a proper environment for recovery by keeping the wound moist and sterile.

According to a report conducted by the Section of Pediatric Surgical procedure, The Children’s Mercy Medical center, Kansas City, Missouri, United states, in comparison to other wound maintenance systems want Biobrane which are utilized for little intermediate thickness burns, Duoderm became since effective but less costly.

One of the most common problems connected with utilizing a dressing include keeping it dry out and skin irritation. Whenever a bandage is placed on, patients find it hard to keep their day to day routine such as going for a shower. Duoderm manages this problem since it is water-proof therefore the sufferers can apply drinking water without any problem. In comparison with other styles of bandages which adhere to the wound and trigger considerable discomfort when removed, Duoderm can be painless since it does not adhere to the wound. It really is available in a number of styles, sizes and thickness with out a prescription.